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On AfterEllen: In Response to chismes

"I'm sorry...
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chismes (130 posts)on October 16, 2008 - 10:19pm.
I totally get your anger -- it's justified. But I think we shouldn't worry about race until we have more GAY representation first. I'm not white (at all), but I would rather see a gay white woman on TV than a straight Filipino one. Maybe it's different for you, but I live in a place where gays get more flak than non-whites. Also (again, it may be different for you), being gay is a much, much larger part of my life than my race/ethnicity. So I'd rather see more gays on TV before I see more non-whites. But that's just my life and opinion. Just wanted to say that.

What kind of poop is that? Historically repeated poop, that's what. The white feminists said the same thing to women of color and then they f-ed off once they got most of what they wanted and left women of color in the dust b/c whatever they wanted next was more "significant" and more "feminist" than the concerns of women color. They claimed that they didn't want to bog down the "Women's Movement" with "distractions." Why would you want to be a part of that kind of thinking?
Does your pride parade go through a minority neighborhood or a White one? Think about it. Just saying a 'gay neighborhood' is a cop-out and intentionally ignores all the gay minorities who don't feel like they belong there. Or can't get in b/c the rent's too high because it's gentrified or they can't find gay activities that don't revolve around White culture.
Realize that the bs dichotomy doesn't have to exist and for us, it doesn't. It is entirely created by people who don't have to deal with a perfectly legitimate reality that the rest of us deal with and see on a regular basis, though not on network TV. I think it's unhealthy to even put that kind of reinforcing sentiment out there, to say "it's okay if hollywood finds one part of me more lucrative (or safer, or more interesting, or more believable) than the other; it's okay if the rest of me remains invisible." Don't negate yourself b/c it makes others feel less uncomfortable. That's in part why systems stay the same, we allow one myth (in this case, the non-existence of X), to remain in operation, while exploding another (in this case, the non-existence of Y), b/c everyone's too chicken shit to mention that the definition of all myths is that they are untrue. Everyone's too afraid of retaliation to mention that it's the whole system that's bogus, so we play the grateful servant, happy with the crumbs.
I refuse to be happy with crumbs, especially considering there are plenty of real portions to go around. In this case, because someone is making them up: primetime is rarely a historical reinactment of anything.
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