Monday, October 13, 2008


On a side note, try not to look indignant when Blacks tell you that "we don't know him" crap with Obama is racially motivated. Really? After 2 memoirs? Can people not read or they're just having trouble finding the books?? Educated Blacks get that crap constantly. People insinuate all the time that underneath my cultured 'facade,' I am hiding some inner ghetto princess or savage or other "cultural" abomination (in Obama's case, a jihadi); straight white men and women who barely know me call me 'girlfriend;' I have 2 degrees in theatre and 1 in music, but I'm not supposed to have any IDEA what I'm talking about in these areas or not enjoy anything but August Wilson, Tyler Perry and Kirk Franklin. I'm on a tear here, but the list goes on and on, though I'm young and most of these people think they're...let's just say, less prejudiced than they are in real life.

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