Monday, October 13, 2008


I have to start listening more to my instinctsThey never lie or fail youI wonder often if that's just God's voice that we've lowered the volume on as the years passed.Because there was a time in the past that I know I, for one, used to hear that voice so CLEAR, they called me an INDIGO CHILD because of it.I had a certain clairvoyance that sometimes frightened even meBut as the years went onDoubt and insecurity crept inAnd made the VISION blurryBut the thing about Instincts is doesn't require sightit requires heartit requires a certain connection to your feelings,when youre feeling them,And Im not talking about what your mind is thinking I'm talking about your body connected and deeply rooted somewhere insideThat it can't be explained to an outsiderInterestly enough though, They feel it too and cant find the words to describe it or define it either.INSTINCTStrying to guide the path we need to be walkingBut how often do we REALLY LISTEN?GOAL FOR THIS NEW WEEK: CONNECT DEEP AND BE ROOTED IN CERTAINTY ALLOWING THE REST OF ME TO LISTEN CLOSELY TO WHAT MY INSTINCTS TELL ME AND THEN HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO FOLLOW ITS LEAD.

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