Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ya gotta love Answerbag

Since I became addicted to the internet I look at it as the source of all truth and knowledge of things human. And I have started to troll forums for a means of dropping science and getting my intellectual agression out. On Stupid White People. Yeah, I know: anyone who makes the kind of fallacious agruments that one sees in these places should make an easy target, but really I'm just trying to test my arguing skill and learn something. I am also hoping that those who can remove themselves from the forum enough to see that these people are full of crap and couldn't string two thoughts together without dropping several stitches and let them serve as their intellectual whipping boys. And they'll come to change their opinions, even if it is only about the merits of opening their mouths in ignorance (as well as the assumed ignorance of those who fit my supposed profile).
Well, I was on the internet during one of my "What the Hell is Going On???" research stints. (Yeah I actually search on the internet to find out what the hell is going wrong in real life. It actually does work.) And I happened upon an intteracial dating forum on Answerbag. This was the second question ( I also commented on another questione which was closer to a topic that one would find me researching, but I posted something rather scathing in the context of the "gee having an opinion is all that's really necessary to answer with any authority" format of the website and it's not as fun.) I happened upon:

Do you think that white women that date only black men have a fetish for black men?

Someone else's answer:
No, seeing as a fetish is "the attribution of attractive sexual qualities to non-living objects" according to wiki. They just prefer black men.

Riiiiight. Nice pseudo-intellectual answer, but no cigar. I replied:

The word fetish does apply. The psych definition includes people, but also uses the word "unhuman" and that's what racism makes of people, hence, "fetishism" in sociology.
And later: Also apropos: the phrase "attribution of attractive sexual qualities," meaning in this case, attributing to non-humans (keeping with the human=White paradigm which, BTW, ACTUALLY IS PROMINENT IN WESTERN CULTURE. I am not just making it up) something they wouldn't normally have. Also, look up "exoticism." That's why the admiration of another race based on that racial feature (and its conglomerate stereotyped meanings to those outside the race) is demeaning and by its very nature, Racist.

But I'm digressing. My answer was this:

Not necessarily, but because the spoken taboo of interracial dating has been lifted, I find that people feel that it's okay to indulge in that kind of mentality. Since our sexual history has been so whitewashed, a lot of White people don't even process the fact that they are objecifying based on skin color and associated stereotypes. Ex: A White woman I know (and I am by no means passing for White) actually said to my face, "I personally like (lust after) a strong Black man, but not to date. I would want to be with someone I have something in common with." Again, just a 'nice', White person who has no idea what race actually means to them and NO IDEA what that attitude means to a person of color.
Holler if you hear me, yo.
And name that tune.

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